Publicaciones/Publications 2015

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 • Bodsworth, E. and Azpitarte, F. 
"Persistent Disadvantage: a Duration Analysis Based on Hilda Data, in the report Addressing Entrenched Disadvantage in Australia"
2015, the Centre for Economic Development of Australia (ISBN 0858012995). 

 • Cantó, O. and D. Ruiz
"The Contribution of Income Mobility to Economic Insecurity in the US and Spain during the Great Recession"
2015, Thesia I. Garner, Kathleen S. Short (ed.) Measurement of Poverty, Deprivation, and Economic Mobility (Research on Economic Inequality, Volume 23) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.109 - 152.

 • Del Río, C. and O. Alonso-Villar
"The Evolution of Occupational Segregation in the United States, 1940-2010: The Gains and Losses of Gender-Race/Ethnicity Groups," 
2015, Demography, 52(3): 967-988.

 • Gradín, C.
"Poverty and ethnicity among black South Africans,"
2015, European Journal of Development Research 27: 921-942.

• Gradín, C.
"Rural Poverty and Ethnicity in China," 
2015, Research on Economic Inequality, 23: 221-247

• Gradín, C., C. del Río and O. Alonso-Villar
"Occupational segregation by race and ethnicity in the US: Differences across States,"
2015, Regional Studies, 49(10): 1621-1638. 

 • Gradín, C., O. Cantó and C. del Río
"Unemployment and spell duration during the Great Recession in the EU,"
2015, International Journal of Manpower, 36(2): 216-235.

 • Herault, N. and Azpitarte, F. 
"Recent Trends in Income Redistribution in Australia: Can Changes in    the Tax-Benefit System Account for the Decline in Redistribution?"
Economic Record, Vol. 91, pp. 38-53. (Best Paper Prize by the Economic Society of Australia)