Publicaciones/Publications 2013

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 • Adiego, M.; Ayala, L.
"Los cambios en la estructura de la desigualdad en Espala: Qué nos dice la nueva EPF?",
2013, Revista de Economía Aplicada, forthcoming.

• Alonso-Villar, O.; C. Del Río
"Concentration of Economic Activity: An Analytical Framework",
2013, Regional Studies, 47(5): 756-772. 

• Alonso-Villar, O.; C. Del Río
"Occupational Segregation in a Country of Recent Mass Immigration: Evidence from Spain"
2013, The Annals of Regional Science, 50(1), pp. 109-134.

• Alonso-Villar, O.; Gradín, C.; Del Río, C.
"Occupational segregation of Hispanics in U.S. metropolitan areas"
2013, Applied Economics, 45(30), pp. 4298-4307.

• Álvarez, G.; Gradín, C.; Otero, M.S.
"Self-employment in Spain: Transition and earnings differential"
2013, Revista de Economía Aplicada, 62(21): 61-69

• Ayala, L.; Rodríguez, M.
"Evaluating welfare reform under program heterogeneity and alternative measures of success",
2013, International Journal of Social Welfare, forthcoming.

• Ayala, L.; Rodríguez, M.
"Health-related Effects of Welfare-to-Work Policies",
2013, Social Science & Medicine, forthcoming.

• Ayllón, S. 
"Youth poverty, employment and leaving the parental home in Europe"
2013, Review of Income and Wealth, forthcoming

• Ayllón, S. 
“From Stata to aML”,
2013, The Stata Journal, forthcoming.

• Ayllón, S.
“Understanding poverty persistencein Spain”,
2013, SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, forthcoming.

• Ayllón, S.
“Unemployment persistence: not only stigma but discouragement too”,
2013, Applied Economic Letters, 20(1), pp. 67-71.

• Ayllón, S.
“Discriminación salarial de género y pobreza en Cataluña”,
2013, Revista de Economía Aplicada, forthcoming.

• Azpitarte, F. 
"The Measurement of Poverty using Income and Wealth: a Comparison of Multidimensional Approaches using U.S and Spanish Data"
2013, Papeles de Economia Española, No. 135.

• Azpitarte, F. 
"Has Australian Economic Growth Been Pro-Poor? in P. Smyth and Buchanan, J. (ed), Inclusive Growth: an Australian Approach"
2013, Allen & Unwin, NSW (ISBN 9781743311301).

• Cervini-Plá, M; X. Ramos
“Movilidad intergeneracional y emparejamiento selectivo en España”,
2013, Papeles de Economía Española, 135, pp. 217-227.

• Cervini-Plá, M.
“Exploring the sources of earnings transmission in Spain”,
2013, Hacienda Pública Española/Review of Public Economics, 204-(1/2013), pp. 31-50.

• Cantó, O.
“La capacidad redistributiva del sistema español de prestaciones e impuestos”,
2013, Papeles de Economía Española, 135, pp. 140-152.

• Díaz de Sarralde, S.; Garciamartin, C.; Ruiz-Huerta, J.
“Progressivity and redistribution in non-revenue neutral tax-reforms: the level and distance effects”,
2013, Review of Income and Wealth, 59, pp. 326-340.

• Ferrer i Carbonell, A.; X. Ramos; M. Oviedo
“Spain: What can we learn from past decreasing inequalities?”,
2013, in W. Salvedra (ed.) Changing Inequalities and Sociial Impacts in Thirty Rich Countries, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

• Gradín, C.
“Race, poverty and deprivation in South Africa”,
2013, Journal of African Economies, 22(2), pp. 187-238.

• Gradín, C.
"Conditional occupational segregation of minorities in the U.S"
2013, Journal of Economic Inequality, 11(4): 473-493.

• Gradín, C. y Del Río, C. 
"El desempleo de inmigrantes, mujeres y jóvenes” 
2013, J. Ruiz-Huerta (Dir.), 1º Informe sobre la desigualdad en España, Ed. Fundación Alternativas, Madrid, pp. 135-191.

• Gutiérrez-Romero, R.
“Decentralization, Accountability and the 2007 MPs Elections in Kenya”,
2013, Journal of Development Studies, forthcoming.

• Marrero, A.G.; Rodríguez, J.G.
“Inequality of opportunity and growth”,
2013, Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming.

• Permanyer, I.
“The measurement of Success in Millenium Development Goals Achievement”,
2013, Journal of Economic Inequality.

• Permanyer, I.
“Using Census Data to Explore the Spatial Distribution of Human Development”,
2013, World Development, 46, pp. 1-13.

• Permanyer, I.
“A critical assessment of UNDP's Gender Inequality Index”,
2013, Feminist Economics, 19(1), pp. 1-32.

• Permanyer, I.
“Are UNDP indices appropriate to capture gender inequalities in Europe?”,
2013, Social Indicators Research, 110(3), pp. 927-950.

• Permanyer, I.; C. D'Ambrossio
“Measuring social polarization with ordinal and categorical data”,
2013, Journal of Public Economic Theory, forthcoming.

• Permanyer, I.; J. García; A. Esteve
“The impact of educational homogamy on isolated illiteracy levels”,
2013, Demography, forthcoming.

• Permanyer, I.; Treviño, R.
“El impacto de la crisis sobre los niveles de renta y el mercado de trabajo según géneroy tipología familiar”,
2013, Papeles de Economía Aplicada, forthcoming.

• Salas, R.; Rodríguez, J.G.
“Popular support for social evaluation functions”,
2013, Social Choice and Welfare, 40, pp. 985-1014.