Publicaciones/Publications 2014

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• Alonso-Villar, O. y Del Río, C.
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• Azpitarte, F and Alonso, O. 
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2014, Research on Economic Inequality, Vol. 22, pp. 401-420. 
• Azpitarte, F 
"Has Economic Growth in Australia Been Good for the Income Poor? and for the Multidimensionally Poor?"
2014, Social Indicators Research, Vol. 117, N. 3, pp. 871-905.
• Bishop, J.A.; Lee, H.; and Rodríguez, J.G.
"Cross-Country Intergenerational Status Mobility: Is There a Great Gatsby Curve?," 
2014, Research on Economic Inequality, 22: 239-251. 

• Cantó, O., Ayala, L., Adiego, M., Levy, H. and M.M. Paniagua
"Going regional: The effectiveness of different tax-benefit policies in combating child poverty in Spain"
2014, Dekkers, G, Keegan, M. and O’Donoghue, C. (eds.) New Pathways in Microsimulation, ASHGATE, Chapter 12: 183-202.

• Cervini-Plá, M.; Ramos, X.; and Silva, J.I.
"Wage Effects on Non-wage Labour Costs,"
2014, European Economic Review, 72: 113-137 .

• Del Río, C. y Alonso-Villar, O. 
“Mujeres ante el empleo (y el desempleo) en el mercado laboral español”
2014, AREAS. Revista Internacional de Ciencias Sociales, vol. 33, pp. 87-103. Número especial, Desigualdades de género en España: continuidades y cambios [coordinadoras: Cristina Borderías y Lina Gálvez].

• Ferrer i Carbonell, A,; Ramos, X.
"Inequality and Happiness," 
2014, Journal of Economic Surveys, 28(5): 1016-1027.

• Gradín, C.
"Race and income distribution: Evidence from the USA, Brazil and South Africa," 
2014, Review of Development Economics, 18(1): 73-92

• Li Donni, P.; Rodríguez, J.G.; and P. Rosa-Dias
"Empirical definition of social types in the analisis of inequality of opportunity: a latent class approach" 
2014, Social Choice and Welfare (forthcoming) DOI: 10.1007/s00355-014-0851-6.

Rodríguez, J.G.; R. Salas
"The Gini coefficient: Majority voting and social welfare",
2014, Journal of Economic Theory, 152:214-223.

Rodríguez, J.G.; R. Salas
"Majority voting and Gini-based social welfare: testing the hypothesis of symetry",
2014, Applied Economic Letters (forthcoming) DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2014.967374.

Rodríguez, J.G.
"A class of social welfare functions that depend on mean income and income polarization",
2014, The Review of Income and Wealth (forthcoming) DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2014.967374.